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  • Lights at nite in Las Vegas

    Publicado el 5 05-06:00 diciembre 05-06:00 2010 ingrid Ningún comentario.



    «Viva Las Vegas… Viva Las Vegas»

    Elvis P.

    Many games and many noise, as there are many lights. :122: :154:

    The strategy to get addicted to spending money :183: :175: 
     machines of luck to make money with a trap… :337:

    …but it’s fun, you get excited when you think you’re winning … LOL :193: :104:

    Many drinks with alcohol, now I know why you say Sin City at the end no matter if you lost money, if you’ve made be drunken … the drinks are free … host another strategy. :259: :069: :259:

    If you are not of legal age, You don´t would enjoy … it’s strange but the only thing that I enjoyed were shopping and food … :139: 

     I want to go back to the Sanrio store, it´s cute :002: :035:

    Now… I show them pictures of Las Vegas Boulevard at night … :122:

    enjoy :189:




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