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  • Lights at nite in Las Vegas

    Posted on diciembre 5th, 2010 ingrid No comments



    «Viva Las Vegas… Viva Las Vegas»

    Elvis P.

    Many games and many noise, as there are many lights. :122: :154:

    The strategy to get addicted to spending money :183: :175: 
     machines of luck to make money with a trap… :337:

    …but it’s fun, you get excited when you think you’re winning … LOL :193: :104:

    Many drinks with alcohol, now I know why you say Sin City at the end no matter if you lost money, if you’ve made be drunken … the drinks are free … host another strategy. :259: :069: :259:

    If you are not of legal age, You don´t would enjoy … it’s strange but the only thing that I enjoyed were shopping and food … :139: 

     I want to go back to the Sanrio store, it´s cute :002: :035:

    Now… I show them pictures of Las Vegas Boulevard at night … :122:

    enjoy :189:




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