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  • ¿Do you have Nintendo DS?

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    «Every Game has an History.. But only One is a Legend»

    The legend of Zelda for Nintendo


    Having a game console is good, there are good games for the liking of everyone.

    I really want to spend much time in the game but … I do not usually have much patience, still go to my step.

    The best thing about playing video games is that hour what you can do online.

    A pink Nintendo DS is great, with the game «Sims Kingdom» Sometimes I despair because I can not feed all the people of the village quickly, yet the background music I like.

    I would like the DS game of Shonen Jump characters out there that One piece, Naruto, Death Note and many more … It would be amazing!

    What kind of games you like?

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    • yo tengo mario kart ds, los de final fantasy, los 2 zeldas que salieron y las versiones de pokemon, por lo general me gustan los que se oueden jugar online…. aniaml crossing es divertido, te lo recomiendo…

    • Well… I guess I can’t say that much about this topic. I have a nintendo ds… The first one, so is the oldest one.

      And I just played with it ‘till I finishied Pokemon Pearl. That’s all XD

      Bue, actually, I think it’s a funny item to keep. Specially with those new services Nintendo is offering these days.