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  • Back to school!

    Posted on agosto 13th, 2009 ingrid No comments



    «Never say Never»



     How are you today? I will hope have a great day

    written in english i so difficult… but… I want to be

    the person who change the bad days in good days.  I wanna be positive.

    I have a great Day (n_n), mmm… I think so…

    the school is not easy but I want to learn more and more, learn is wonderful.

    Maybe in the classroom I need sleep (sorry, sorry .____. I love sleep, when I dónt have sleeplessness), people saids who the person take a little break  can work effectively, but.. when take a break…


    I need more (u_u) (sorry,sorry) I want to do much in my school, for this reason its better be prepared.

    Ready, GO! 


    My first message  in english. Thanks for visit my blog.

    Atte: Ing

    Pd.- Gift smile, sorry my english is not good (n.n)